Paradoxical Contact

A play by: Emma Grace Imes

Emma's second full length play Paradoxical Contact received two (virtual) workshop readings in 2020.

These readings are discussed further in this article by Dramatist Guild Representative, Brian Walker. 

A broken improv troupe and an alien culture enthusiast walk into a SETI research campus and are tasked with creating a new “creative” message to send out to a potential alien neighbour. Communications between them on Earth fall apart. Old wounds are torn open all while the lonely dark sky looms overhead. Is there a solution to the Fermi Paradox? Are we alone? 

Does the Wolf Die Next Time?

Written and Directed by Emma Grace Imes

November 2018 Emma Imes' site specific piece was performed at the University of Kentucky's student center fireplace. After some collaboration with her bilingual class mates Emma developed a story.  Does the Wolf Die Next Time? took the story of "The Little Red Riding Hood" and told it softly in five different languages to try and discover if the story changes with the language, and can the big bad wolf be forgiven?


Pink Hair Curse

by Emma Grace Imes

Directed by Moniece Mosley

December 2017 Emma Imes' one act play Pink Hair Curse performed as apart of The University of Kentucky's One Act Play Festival. The play follows a group of friends as they deal with various mystical events brought into their world by a kawaii magical girl. As events unfold they discover how they have changed over the years and how there expectations for each other have to change too. 

The Little Prince

Based on the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry adapted and directed by Brent Watts and Emma Imes

The Little Prince was produced as a part of the University of Kentucky's Studio Season in March of 2018. With special permission from the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry estate. In this the creators explored the classic story by combining elements of children's theatre with drag. 

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How/Why my Sock Monkey Became Real

by Emma Grace Imes
Directed by Moniece Mosley

This ten minute play was produced as apart of the University of Kentucky's 2018 New Works Now program. It is a story set in the world from Margery Williams' The Velveteen Rabbit. In this world where toys become real if they are loved enough, Socks the sock monkey witnesses something horrible. Not knowing what to do they go out to find their old owner who is now an adult to help piece together the damage that had been done in there home.